What we do

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Yongan is committed to providing clients best service including commodity and financial futures brokerage. Under the new normal environment, Yongan faces challenges of the intense competition with traditional brokerage business. Therefore, Yongan now focuses on innovation business and uses the innovation business to differentiate us from competitors in brokerage business.

Advisory services

Yongan is the very first futures company who is qualified for futures investment consulting business. Yongan provides clients with high quality research analysis and tailored investment portfolio, product innovation and fund channel for financial and investment institutions.

Asset Management and wealth management

Several years ago, Yongan has proposed the idea of active management and always persist in it. Now Yongan’s asset management layout focuses on Yongan Capital management and Yongan Guofu. Both of them have good brand influences and customer recognitions. Now, Yongan cooperates with banks, securities brokerages and funds companies to innovate different types of products. Yongan attracts institutional funds as the main source of future asset management. 

In order to support asset management business, Yongan establishes a platform to CTA and investors. More than 600 CTAs are registered on the platform and the amount under management reaches 20 billion now. Many CTAs consistently have outstanding performances. Through that platform, CTA and investors can easily find proper counterparties.

Futures and spot market business

Yongan provide standard warrant and un-standard warrant service, stock exchanges services across different regions or different standards and Exchange for Physical warrant service. Based on researches on basis at different dimensions, Yongan provides quote price includes forward contract and spot market price. Yongan assists industrial clients to manage inventories, therefore maintain or even increase the value of inventories. Yongan provides commodity option products to clients in OTC market and help clients hedge against price risk. Yongan also acts as a market maker.

Risk and capital management

Yongan establishes Yongan Capital management as a breakthrough of risk management business. Yongan Capital management cooperates with the operational department, research department and categorical futures committee actively. Yongan Capital management was established in May 2013. These years both of the profit and proportion are increasing. Yongan Capital management as a subsidiary of Futures Company has an extraordinary performance in risk management business and has been widely recognized by peers and customers.