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International Business Department

In the context of globalization, there are more opportunities for Chinese futures company and futures investors as the continued tightening linkage of futures market China and abroad. To explore the international market, increase international brand awareness of Yongan Futures, and provide investors with better service, Yongan Futures set up the international business department in 2008. The department formed of the outstanding, professional and efficient work team to strengthen investors training, so that enhance investors' understanding of the market. With the aim of preparing for overseas futures business, the department sets 'local service, global vision' as the core spirit. Now the department has become the bridge and link between domestic and foreign futures business, laying the foundation of internationalization of Yongan Futures.

Responsibility of International Business Department: 

The Department is acting as a bridge between the domestic and offshore futures market and dedicated to preparing for overseas futures business, exploring and maintaining foreign investors, organizing training and education of overseas futures talents, promoting the international communication.

The Department is working on assisting China Xin Yongan in exploring and maintaining investors, exploring qualified overseas investors to participate in domestic futures trading. China Xin Yongan is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yongan Futures. Business Scope of China Xin Yongan includes global financial and commodity futures brokerage and options brokerage. They are also working on exploring innovative trading solutions, providing customers with comprehensive, high-quality trading services.

The department also supports the communication and cooperation with International Futures Exchanges and FCM and promotes the collaboration with foreign teams and projects. The department actively cooperates with the subsidiary, Olympus Hedge Fund, to bring in leading offshore hedge fund companies, professional teams, and foreign funds.

The department organizes series summits to help investors understand the international futures market trends and popularize new futures products. Yongan Futures and CME group jointly launched a foreign futures investor education platform and provide the latest news about major products listed on global exchanges and investment strategies. 

The goal of the Department is to set up the foundation for a multidimensional cross-border service platform that integrates trades, funds, and capital management.

Vision of International Business Department:

To build an outstanding cross-border service platform and to become a comprehensive derivative financial group through providing domestic and foreign investors with specialized global asset allocation services.

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