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Product Intermediate Sulphur Crude Oil
Contract Size 1,00 barrels
Price Quotation RMB per barrel or U.S. Dollars per barrel
Minimum Price
$0.01 per barrel or ¥0.1 per barrel
Daily Price Limit Within 5% up or down of the settlement price of the previous trading day
Contract Series Monthly contract of the 36 months and
consecutive quarterly contracts with the last 24 months
Trading Hours 9:00am to 11:30am, 1:30pm to 3:00pm
(the Beijing Time) and other trading hours as prescribed by the SHFE
Last trading day The last trading day of the month before spot
Delivery Period The 5 consecutive business days after
the last trading day
Grade and Quality
Intermediate Sulphur Crude Oil, Baseline of
API 32, 1.5% sulphur content
Delivery Venue Certified Delivery Warehouse of the SHFE
Minimum Trade Margin 4% of contract value
Settlement Type Physical Delivery
Contract Symbol CO
Exchange SHFE